the infinite fragmented datawaves of oXane

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  • I am from a city called Nijmegen, in the Netherlands.
    At the moment I am doing my MA in (the future forms of) art funding, I recently finished my BA in Cultural Studies.

    The subject of my thesis was ‘Dubstep and the network society’, and I researched the question what the influence of the world we live in today is on the development of new forms of music (and implicitly, other forms of art).

    I own a label called Lomechanik, which I run together with my friend Jorg. We release a broad spectrum of forward-thinking electronic music on vinyl, CD and through (free) downloads. I do the graphic design and silk screen printing together with Jorg.

    For the last couple of years my focus has shifted from producing music to being a DJ (strictly vinyl). I want to start producing more some time soon though, as DJ’ing is going pretty well (even though there is absolutely enough room for improvement ;). I play somewhere at least once a month.

    Graphic design and photography is a big focus point in my life. Before Tumblr I was (but still am partly) very active on Flickr, and am still helping to run a group there called New Directions and which still is a very dope place to find interesting visual pleasures.

    Also I really love languages (I speak French, Spanish, German, some Italian, some Portugese etc.), literature (my favorite writers are Alessandro Baricco and Jose Saramago) and obviously I love searching out the best in visual arts and music.

    I think that’s about it. BAM. Curiosity killed?